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Sharma the bounteous

Virendra SharmaAnother Labour politician is this week claiming credit for something he had nothing to do with. Earlier this week it was wannabe Bassam Mahfouz. Now it is has-been-before-he-started Virendra Sharma.

Sharma is quoted in an Ealing Times article about Crossrail as saying:

I think it is wonderful news. My whole election campaign was based on getting Crossrail, and now it seems the funding has been agreed.

I think that Sharma is exaggerating the extent to which Crossrail was at the centre of his campaign and certainly his influence on the outcome.

Being something of a local political train spotter I went through the pile of leaflets I got through my letterbox during the by-election campaign. I counted 7 leaflets, letters, etc from Sharma. One of these mentioned Crossrail twice. Hardly his whole election campaign then.

Sharma made his maiden speech on Monday, see here. Although Brown’s reputation was looking shaky even on Monday Shamra was still able to say:

My election in July was the first message that the British people gave to the Prime Minister of their resounding confidence in his ability and the courage of his convictions to lead our country in these difficult times to greater heights and to implement his vision for change.

After Brown’s absolute kicking from Cameron on Wednesday the “courage of his convictions” and “his vision for change” look like the smooth words of a courtier rather than the voice of a man who wants to raise up Southall.

For old time’s sake Councillor Sharma turned up at the full council meeting on Tuesday. He was an hour late but it was nice to see him anyway. Having seen effective Conservative government working in Ealing he will at least be well-prepared for the new regime if he gets re-elected at the next general election.

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Oh dear! Those quotes reflect NuLabour spin and I confirm as a local resident that Crossrail was not a central theme and hardly mentioned.
His election speech was tripe and indicates he will be lobby fodder because he received 15188 votes out of an electorate of 85423, hardly the ringing endorsement imagined – 18% and I don`t expect many of those expect to be lead to greater heights!
Lets hope he manages to help not only individual constituents but liase with Jason Stacey and Ealing Borough council to improve not only Southall wards, but Norwood Green, Hanwell, West Ealing, South Ealing, Northfields and Boston Manor which make up Ealing Southall constituency.

What about Tony Lit? Will we ever see the likes of him again pounding these streets do you think?

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