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Road pricing “back-burnered”

The Telegraph is reporting today that road pricing has been kicked into the long grass or “back-burnered”. This is good news and a welcome outbreak of common sense.

If you think in terms of sticks and carrots then by the time 70p in every pound spent on petrol is going to the state you have got to figure that the stick has been used enough. For all kinds of reasons we need to get out of our cars and use them less and have greener cars in the first place. The government should focus on carrots: investment in cycle routes, VAT free small cars and public transport that delivers safe and comfortable with short door-to-door times.

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Phil – you’re reporting in good faith, but I’m not sure the Government’s honesty matches yours. The Daily Mail quoted a DFT spokesman as saying there were no changes of policy!

Only last week, Darling’s Comprehensive Spending Review talked about lots of money being put aside for ‘local’ road pricing. New Labour are introducing national road-pricing piecemeal.

Just as Livingstone assures us that no local C-charge expansions are planned (Gazette, 3.8.07), the government is going on a charm offensive.

They know they it’s an unpopular stealth tax, and hard-selling has failed, so the strategy has changed to one of minimising opposition by trying to make us complacent.

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