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Burglary alert

SNT banner from Met site.jpgThe following warning comes from our Safer Neighbourhood sergeant, Cliff Elam:

Just to let you know, we arrested three youths for Burglary on Sunday (caught red handed), they will no doubt be out and about in the near future.

We believe that they may well be responsible for the recent spate of daytime burglaries.

They are :

1 black youth aged 15, about 6′ 1″tall
1 white youth aged 15, about 5′ 10″ tall with dark hair
1 white youth aged 14, about 5′ 8″ with red hair.

They tend to lurk about and use back alleys, etc.

So, if you see these three lads around keep an eye on them and dial 999 if you have your doubts about their behaviour.

One reply on “Burglary alert”

I personally put a lot of hope in the local ward teams of police & pcso`s and hope they gradually increase preventative policing by patrolling visibly on foot in a relaxed manner and building relationships with local residents.
This would reduce the impression of a vacuum which youngsters and new “Londoners” are quick to notice compared to school or their home country.
Sgt Elam`s Northfield team is on 020-8721-2950 Mobile 07879 888989
Sgt Chana`s Walpole team 020-8721-2949 Mobile 07879 848901

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