Parking Services

Trumped by LibDem

Gazette letter 7-9-2007

I was pleased that the Gazette published a letter (click to enlarge) from me last Friday promoting the Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny Panel, next meeting on Tuesday. It was nice to see a photo of me with my crack parking attendant buddies Michael and John – what eager politico is sorry to see their photo in the paper?

I was somewhat miffed to be trumped by LibDem councillor Malcolm. His timing is very good. It would look a little less like gratuitous point scoring if he had actually managed to send me a copy of his report. It is not as if I am hard to contact by e-mail. I have written to him tonight to ask him to send me a copy.

One reply on “Trumped by LibDem”

stop moaning, Phil. You know that if the position were reversed, you would be seeking to turn the opportunity the LibDem chappy took in to political currency, too.

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