Communications disease Ex-Mayor Livingstone

He who pays the piper …


I was struck reading the Gazette this week by the double page editorial on the Childcare Affordability Programme. This is a heavily advertised LDA programme to spend £33 million on providing help to people on low incomes with childcare. I will write to the LDA to find out what proportion of this cash is being spent on advertising. You can’t have failed to see their beige ad with photogenic family on a sofa. This ad has appeared 6 times in as many weeks in the Gazette.

In six weeks the Gazette has benefited from almost 10 whole pages of display advertising from the Mayor and his bodies (LDA, TfL, etc). It must have been hard for them to turn down LDA’s request for some editorial. Two whole pages is somewhat generous. By printing a 9 column inch letter from the Mayor on the subject of child poverty this week along with with 3 half page ads, two from TfL and one from LDA, the Gazette is starting to look like the Londoner.

The Mayor spends about £100 million a year on comms so perhaps it is not surprising that it is hard to distinguish the Gazette from the Londoner.

It is a shame that only 4% of the childcare places created by the LDA have come to West London, see question to Mayor.