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Disappearing Navy

Disappearing Navy.JPG

Compare and contrast this story in the Telegraph this morning about the way the Royal Navy is disappearing before our eyes (click to enlarge graphic above) with this story from the Telegraph back in July which highlighted the 1,000 press people currently being employed by the MoD. Yes, 1,000 not 100.

I figure trading say 900 MoD press officers for keeping a fleet of minesweepers in service to protect our new carriers would be a good bargain.

HMS Fearless

I have been Navy-barmy since 1969 when HMS Fearless came to Lagos to accompany a visit from then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. My Dad, who was working out there for Barclays Bank, met a couple of Royal Marines and invited them over for dinner. In return they gave my brothers and I a tour of the ship and Royal Marines cap badges. You can imagine how this bowled over a 7 year old. HMS Fearless went on to serve as the command vessel for the amphibious assault on the Falkland Islands. Commissioned in 1965 she was only decommissioned in 2002.