Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Buses again

Mayor's bus election bribe againTwisty old Livingstone is on the bus theme again.

According to today’s press release from the Mayor TfL commissioner Hendy and Livingstone have given up their Sunday to promote the Mayor’s 10p bus fare cut which came into force today.

As we know the Mayor has shouted from the front page headline of the Londoner about this three times in three successive months.

It is good to see that this blatant piece of electioneering is being done on their own time. If Hendy and Livingstone want to give up their Sunday to get the Mayor re-lected fine. I hope that no-one in the Mayor’s press office picked up any overtime either.

None of the Mayor’s outpourings mention that two years ago off peak Oyster bus fares were 80p, they went up to £1 last year and this year they will be 90p. So off peak fares will be 12.5% higher than they were even after this supposed cut.