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Back BorisI was invited to take part in Boris Johnson’s launch this morning. It took place at the old council chamber at County Hall. Things got off to a shakey start when the sound on the video was missing. After this was sorted all went well. Boris gave a bravura performance delighting 100 odd of his supporters who had turned out to see him along with the press. It is clear that he intends to be a mayor for all Londoners and focus on three core issues of housing, transport and crime.

He talked about making sure that London’s youngsters benefit from the Olympics and making London safer and more civilised. He spent a lot of time talking about housing which is a key issue for him, especially housing for families rather than rabbit hutches. He rightly points out that we manage to combine very low housing densities with very tiny flats. Doh!

I have put up a link to his campaign on the sidebar, right. If you think Livingstone has had his day and that it is time to have a mayor that cares about Londoners and delivers then go and have a look.

See Telegraph commentary which has majored on his comments about people having a go in the face of anti-social behaviour.

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Boris Johnson has made so many U turns and contradictions in his statement launching his campaign for Mayor of London that it is no wonder he has such a clearly well merited record for ‘buffoonery’ – managerial and policy incompetence.

Boris Johnson now states that he will not get rid of the congestion charge, while previously he totally opposed it, writing: “In these dark days of the New Labour tyranny, when the maniac Ken Livingstone is charging you an extra £1,200 for the privilege of using the Queen’s highway”. (Life in the Fast Lane p185)

He now claims ‘I will be the greenest Mayor, far greener than Ken.’ (Evening Standard 3 September). A claim that is ridiculous given than he opposes even the Kyoto treaty on climate change: ‘But of all the tough-guy acts that Bush has performed in his first few months, of all the pieces of exuberant Reaganism, nothing has so intoxicated the world with hate as his decision to scrumple up the Kyoto protocol and use if for putting practice in the White House…
‘Because we still need a rich, confident America; not just to provide the cash for the global military leadership that the United States has to give from the Gulf to Kosovo, but also to keep the world economy moving…. If America were to meet its Kyoto targets now, it would require a cut of 30 per cent in emissions, and how, exactly, is that supposed to work in the current economic downturn…. It would exacerbate the recession, and when Bush says no, he is doing what is right not just for America but for the world.’ (Lend Me Your Ears p318)
He now declares that he strongly supports Crossrail, London’s most vital transport project, but he failed to participate in the vote on it in Parliament.
He strongly supported the Iraq war before deciding later to change his position – after tens of thousands of people were dead.
He supported the election of George W Bush in 2000 and his re-election in 2004 – now he thinks it was a mistake
London has no need of a Mayor who takes wrong decisions and then has to change them, but one who takes the right decisions at the time they need to be made – as Ken when he supported Kyoto, opposed the Iraq War, supported congestion charging.
Boris Johnson is not simply extremely right wing. He is also incompetent.

I have let the comment above through moderation with some reservations.

I wonder if Richard Irons exists. If he does I suspect he is a Socialist Worker type who is quoting directly from the “Rubbish Boris book of twisted quotes” that has been used by frightened leftie types over the last four weeks to attempt to undermine Boris. Unfortunately for them Boris is being so positive that they look like a bunch of sectarian, PC nutters who want to silence a man because he has a history as a successful journalist and broadcaster.

In today’s Evening Standard Andrew Gilligan, not exactly someone generally considered to be a Tory let alone a Boris apologist, said: “… the quotes used to support these charges turn out to have been wrenched so far out of context as to completely distort their meaning”.

The line that Irons is trying to promote is “Livingstone competent – Johnson buffoon”. Johnson only has to point to Livingstone’s record to destroy this argument. Livingstone is a proven executive failure. The charge sheet is:

– implemented congestion charging but wasted all the money and only marginally impacted congestion in the central zone. Livingstone currently trying to rebrand CC into CO2 charge although it cannot tackle CO2 outside the zone.

– let TfL costs get out of control with a structural deficit of £1.6 billion per annum so that eight out of twelve billion Pounds from government over last five years have been wasted subsidising TfL

– put more buses on the streets but they have multiplied faster than passengers so bus subsidies rocketing upwards

– failed to change the Tubes so they are still full to bursting but improvement always coming tomorrow

– implemented Safer Neighbourhood Teams but these are a poor bargain in return for a trebling of the precept. The core of the Met remains an unreformed, producer-interested dinosaur which has not been able to stop 19 teenagers being killed by guns and knives in London this year

– spends £100 million a year promoting himself which is something like double the total spending on all parties’ election campaigns at a general election.

Interesting stuff indeed. The jury clearly has decided, as far as I’m concerned, that Livingstone has made far too many expensive mistakes. However I can’t take Boris seriously as a human being nevermind as an MP or putative London Mayor.

Will a plausible, competent, well known alternative candidate please come forward….. sadly, so far, probably not…

Where oh where is a ‘none of the above’ candidate?


Boris Johnson has his faults but for you to write him off like that is just lazy.

I have always suspected you are a LibDem Eric. No amount of “only LibDems can win here” propaganda is going to change the May 2008 Mayoral election from being a straight fight between a failed Ken Livingstone and the Boris Johnson bandwagon. The contest will likely be decided on second preferences and LibDems need to work out whether they want another 4 years of Livingstone waste and divisive pandering to special interest groups or whether they might actually be quite happy with a socially liberal Conservative who will bring some financial discipline to bear at City Hall.

I’m not a LibDem but there is no doubt about my existence. I’m probably a Socialist by inclination- but there isn’t a Socialist political party out there to support.

No-one has describes me as lazy for over 50 years – when my Mum told me off for not cleaning my bike!

I’m not a member of any political party nor have I ever been. I have been a member for over 10 years of two of the most significant grassroots movements in recent history, namely Greenpeace and FoE.

Describing Boris as a ‘socially liberal Conservative’ is to traduce the English language.

I’ll continue to look out for a credible Mayoral candidate.

Phil – you’d make a much better fist of the job than Boris. At least you are consistent, articulate and ‘credible’.


Sorry to misrepresent your political persuasion.

I still think you might actually read some of boris’s stuff rather than the stuff about the stuff by the Mayor’s little proxies at the Guardian, etc which is twisted garbage.

[…] At last the Mayor is doing something that he is paid to do. Demanding more civility on public transport. We have not seen much on this topic from Livingstone in the past eight years so it is interesting to see the Mayor respond to Boris Johnson’s call for greater civility – he raised this issue at his campaign launch on September 3rd, see previous posting. […]

Amazing that some intelligent people would still rather vote for a proven incompetent, an arrogant and cynical profligate than a first rate brain, even while recognising that they have been let down by the former.

The power of ideological indoctrination is terrifying. Socialist workers are being encouraged by their spokespeople to vote for Ken REGARDLESS of his misuse and waste of public funds, which they acknowledge, because the alternative, voting for a Conservative candidate, is unthinkable for them. They are saying, in fact, you must vote for the bad guy.

The worst insult anyone seems to be able to come up with for Boris is “buffoon”. Anyone with half a brain or even the slightest curiosity will realise just how far from the truth that label is. Just by reading what he writes for a start. Evidence and facts ought to inform our choices. Not set- in- stone prejudices chiselled into the consciousness from birth.

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