Ex-Mayor Livingstone

RMT murder 60

Tubes at 10pmI have just got home after an afternoon/evening at work and checked on TfL’s Tube performance. Almost a day after the end of the strike and six out of 12 services are still affected by a so-called one-day stoppage. One line is totally out, two are severely compromised and three are merely delayed. Note the Waterloo & City line is not running at this time of night so they can have the benefit of the doubt there.

Is this any kind of way to run a public transport system? 2,300 workers led by a hard left idiot ruining 5 journeys for about 4 million commuters. That is about 20 million journeys. If each one caused an hour of wasted time that is the equivalent of 30 people living for 75 years – or the same waste of life as killing 60 randomly selected people.

Strikes on the Tube need to be outlawed soon and all the candidates for Mayor should be proposing this.

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