The Mayor likes a pretty face

Livingstone's ladies

The Mayor’s £3 million a year not-so-freesheet, The Londoner, is far from being immune to popular culture, however right on the Mayor pretends to be. You have to go back to the August 2005 issue to find a “newsy” photo on the front page. That issue showed a policeman laying a floral tribute in the memory of those killed and injured in the 7/7 bombings.

In the 21 issues since then every issue has carried a front page celeb picture. We might have an argument about Nelson Mandela on the front page of the June 2007 edition. Clearly a world icon and superstar but with limited connections to contemporary London. Of these 21 issues there have been 11 men and 10 women on the front page. The men are a right old mixture including oldies such as Mandela, Sir Ian McKellan, Lionel Richie and Henry Winkler. Also on the list are noted ugly bugs Martin Freeman (the drippy one from The Office) and Gordon Ramsay.

You have to agree though that the ladies are all corkers. Note that 7/10 of the images are cropped to maximise the amount of flesh tone across the image. No sexism there then Mr Mayor. Still, it sells papers. Well, no, it doesn’t. If you are a London council tax payer you are required by the Mayor to contribute your hard earned cash – so enjoy the pics.

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  1. Eric Leach says:

    The Londoner really is a complete waste of money. I’m told that its journalists (more like copywriters) are the best paid in the country. At least Around Ealing has some useful information listings in it.

    Maybe we should count ourselves lucky that Prime Minister Brown hasn’t yet launched a national UK Government newspaper – called perhaps The Britisher. but perhaps one shouldn’t give him ideas…..

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