Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor to spend £130K on promoting himself at party conferences

Mayor’s Question Time and the answers it generates is a good source of information on the workings of the Mayor and his bodies.

In time for the last meeting on 18th July Tory AM Bob Neil asked this question:

Regarding the Mayor’s expenditure on upcoming conferences outlined in MA 3086, will the Mayor provide a breakdown of how much he has budgeted for each separate conference?

The Mayor’s answer is:

The budget for the exhibition stand and advertising at each conference breaks down as follows and reflects the different prices for exhibition sites and advertising space:

TUC 20,800
Lib Dem 25,000
Labour 30,200
Conservative 26,500

Income from TfL and the LDA for these activities is in total £65,000.

In addition, the budget for the Mayor’s reception at the TUC Conference is £12,000 and for the Mayor’s reception at the Labour Conference is £16,000.

The Mayor seems to be unembarassed by the total bill of £130,500 or the fact that he is spending three times as much on the Labour and TUC conferences as he is on either the Lib Dem or Tory conferences.

On the one hand we might be grateful that the Mayor has been able to offload half the bill on TfL and the LDA. On the other that means fares are higher or services are worse on TfL and there are less jobs being created by LDA. Even the Mayor hasn’t the brass neck to ask the Fire Brigade and Police to contribute. Or, more likely, he asked and they had the gumption to say bog off.