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Latest proxy attack on Johnson

Today the Evening Standard covered the Mayor’s latest proxy attacks in a most naive way. Their “Deputy Political Editor” Paul Waugh wrote:

In a further blow to the Henley MP, the black newspaper New Nation today launched a fierce attack on his remarks about race and Africa.

Under the headline “Is This Man Fit to Run London?”, the paper said his selection would be an “insult” to ethnic minorities. It criticised a 2002 Spectator article in which he called for the return of colonial rule to Africa, joked about tribal leaders sporting “water melon smiles” and described black children as “piccaninnies”.

Fellow writer Rod Liddle also claimed that, while on a trip to Uganda, Mr Johnson used the word again in the company of Swedish Unicef workers.

Mr Johnson’s record on race issues was highlighted last week when Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager Stephen, said he was “not an appropriate person” to run London. Mr Johnson had lambasted the Lawrence Inquiry claiming it was a “witch-hunt” against the police.

A spokeswoman for Mr Johnson today said that he had been “inundated” with support from London’s ethnic minorities.

One ally added: “This is the lowest attack you can make on a Tory – just call them racist.”

I assume he is the deputy because he can’t spot that the New Nation piece is simply the latest in a string of proxy attacks by the London Mayor which all use the same quotes (see previous posting).

The reason that the New Nation is coming out for the Mayor is that they are bought and paid for, just like the other Livingstone proxies.

Follow this link to find out how when the Mayor spent £793K to give away 100,000 free Oyster cards he spent £77K with ineffective ethnic press (including New Nation) – a bung.

Follow this link to find out how in 2003 the GLA spent £261K on recruitment advertising. The bulk went to the Guardian and the rest to the “ethnic” press. No advertising in mainstream media outside the Guardian – corrupt in itself. The total ethnic press spend led to one appointment at a total cost of £79K. The Guardian ads led to 59 appointments at a cost of £182K. So ethnic press costs £79K per job. Guardian costs £3K per job.

The New Nation is part of Ethnic Media Group organisation which was given £38K but generated only 1 shortlisted candidate and no appointments.

Like I say the New Nation is bought and paid for.

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Someone who knows their elbow from their arse.
New Nation is 100 per cent bankrolled by the LDA.
I should know…………………….

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