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Smokefree England cost £20 million in ads

Department of HealthThe Department of Health wrote to me on Monday to outline their comms budget for Smokefree England. The cash spent centrally by the Department of Health is £8.7 million. That is not the whole story though. They made a budget of £21.5 million available for local authorities to implement Smokefree England. Part of this budget was for comms too.

In my own business I got a pack from the Department of Health but also one from my local authority. I saw Richmond ads on the back of a bus. The Evening Standard reported that all of Westminster’s allocation was spent on advertising. I think it is fair to assume that at least half of this money has gone on comms.

My estimate in June that this campaign would involve £20 million in ad spending is pretty much on the money I reckon.

I had to ask four times for this information. It took 19 working days to get it from my second enquiry via e-mail. It was 38 days from my first enquiry posted on the Smokefree England website which was clearly ignored.