Ealing Southall By-election

Scaredy cat Brown

Much was made in the press of Brown’s cowardice whenever things got difficult for Blair. Some took to calling him Macavity Brown after TS Eliot’s Macavity, the cat who wasn’t there. During the Ealing Southall by-election Ming Campbell has visited the constituency four times. He has no choice. Without a good result here he is finished. David Cameron visited for the third time yesterday. He is able to relax and enjoy sticking it to both Labour and the LibDems. Coming from third place in a seat which was hitherto not a natural Tory area means that the only way is up. Like Campbell Brown has much to lose too. A bad result in Ealing Southall will mark an early end to his honeymoon if his gaffe prone foreign policy team haven’t already achieved that. Is he in Ealing Southall flying the flag? No. Too busy. Too scared.

Great coverage today for the Tories in the Telegraph, Independent and Guardian (who managed to get the result in the Hounslow by-election on Thursday wrong – it was in fact a Tory hold).

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You seem to be trying to criticise Gordon Brown for not going to Southall. There’s a very long tradition that Prime Ministers do not go to byelections to campaign for their party, referred to in the Campbell Diaries no less.

Maybe Gordon Brown is busy running the country. That’s what we expect of the MPs and Councillors we elect to do – you know run things, make the community better, help local residents and business people who have problems.

Your web site over the last few days has been solely about tribal/village politics and a local election to elect one of our three local MPs. Very entertaining but surely there are other more useful local issues in your role as a Northfield Councillor that you could air on your site?

I believe that there is a protocol that Prime Ministers do not intervene in by-elections. Blair may ahv ebroken this early on his premoership but stopped doing so. He might have metioned this to Tony Lit when he was given the cheque last month.

I defer to my more protocol savvy contributors David and Bob. But, the comparison is still telling. Blair prepared to overturn protocol and put himself out there. Brown happy to hide behind a protocol that is designed to protect the diginity of the office of the Prime Minister. In other words Brown is too scared to campaign in Southall.

Eric, the blog is my bit of fun so lighten up!

Tony Blair actually visited Uxbridge during the by-election in 1997 breaking with the convention that prime ministers didn’t go to them.As the Tories went onto win by 4,000 votes(up from 720 at the previous May’s general election) this intervention wasn’t too successful.I don’t believe he went to another.

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