Ealing Southall By-election

Pickled Politics blog reckons Labour imploding in Southall

The Pickled Politics blog covers politics, often with an Asian angle. In a posting today they reckon that Labour will select Cllr Virendra Sharma tonight and that things will not go well for Labour in Southall. They reckon that:

It is now almost a given that Cllr Virendra Sharma will be the Labour party candidate running for the Ealing Southall seat. This is a huge shame because, as one party member told me earlier this morning, they have traded one old and out-of-touch fogey for another.

They also endorsed Tony Lit, saying:

The only one who has brand recognition is Tony Lit.

It appears that yesterday Labour’s NEC chose 2 candidates to go before local members tonight, Sharma plus Jo Sidhu. Other prominent Labout councillors such Sonika Nirwal and Gurcharan Singh did not make the cut. Apparently Sidhu is an Oxford-educated barrister. Great.