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Lords of Transport up 70%

Last year I wrote that 831 people employed by TfL earned over £50K. I have just seen this year’s Annual Report. TfL have restated last year’s numbers. Last year’s number was 1,029 not 831. This year’s number is 1,411. I know that we have a large and complex public transport infrastructure but having a cadre of 1,411 highly paid managers seems a bit over the top. The rate of increase in their salaries is horrifying.

Last year I toted up the number of £100K plus salaries. It came out at 76. With the restatement it is now 90 for last year. This year the number of TfL managers earning over £100K is 112. Do we really have 112 people worth £100K in TfL? I don’t think so.

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Assuming Boris beats the others on the shortlist – best let democracy takes its course and elect a candidate rather than appoint one (i.,e. Tony Lit)…


When are you going to raise yourself above the smart-arsed one-liner and give us an opinion about the actual topic?


No – please let’s be serious here. Boris would continue to make the stewardship of London a laughing stock – but the jokes and the gaffs would be different!

Will someone credible with a high publicity profile please come forward some time soon and sort London out?

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