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LibDems talking garbage

LibDems up to their necks in garbageThe lovely picture, left, of the LibDem by-election candidate and two of their MPs up to their necks in garbage accompanied an equally crap press release yesterday talking about the local council’s re-cycling record. I don’t know why these people think that talking rubbish is good politics.

They say:

Local campaigner Nigel Bakhai has revealed that Conservative-controlled Ealing Council recycled less than 20% of the borough’s household waste in 2006.

The Council’s recycling rate is 10 percentage points below its own target, and significantly below the figure achieved by neighbouring boroughs.

Local campaigner Nigel Bakhai said: “The Conservatives on Ealing Council have a shameful record on recycling – the Council failed to meet its target by a huge margin.

Ealing council’s own figure for 2005/6 was 19%. So, yes, “less than 20%”. But this was the financial year ending 31st March 2006 more than a month before the local election in May 2006 that saw the new Conservative administration elected. Re-cycling went up to 25% in the next year. So with less than a year to work with the new administration increased the re-cycling rate by a third. This was achieved by:

  • the completion of the food waste roll out
  • the introduction of free pink sacks in October 2006
  • the introduction of cardboard collections in November 2006.

The facts were published on the council’s website on 5th June. This information was produced and published by local government officers whose job it is to steer clear of party political pronouncements. Ask yourself – in this case do you trust a LibDem press release or a council one?

The LibDims did not notice that 30% is the target we have set ourselves for next year and we are aiming to increase re-cycling to 38%, or double the rate we inherited, by the end of our first administration.

Clearly in talking down the Tories the LibDems think that the Tory campaign is the one to beat. They are right!

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With a largely and increasingly itinerant population it is most important to follow up the introduction of new services to ensure the best take up possible. This did not happen with the food waste system. This Council has now done this to some extent with a recent door to door campaign. However it is a great shame to still see so many boxes left unused outside houses. I would have liked to see the Gazette promote this brilliant way of reducing the smelly black sacks that blight our streets by talking to those people who have successfully greatly reduced their rubbish this way.
Polly Manser ran a great campaign where she attempted to reduce the amount of waste emanating from her household in it and obviously got a lot of feedback but they no longer seem to be interested.

A recent Parliamentary Committee has recommended that food waste is collected weekly particularly in urban areas and questioned alternate weekly collections. Teignbridge is adding a weekly food waste collection to their AWC. Seattle has recently decided to do this. We are lucky that the Council are providing such good facilities (except probably for some flats and red routes). We would have a better environment if more people did what they know they should – took responsibility for their waste – and perhaps after a few poster campaigns this Council will do what it knows it should and start fining those who consistently leave their rubbish outside unprotected for days. Once the food has been taken out it is easier to deal with the rest and then the residual waste drops dramatically.

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