Ealing Southall By-election

Evening Standard covers Ealing defections

This story was covered with 8 column inches on page 2 of tonight’s Evening Standard. The online version is longer and includes pictures of this morning’s fun and games on the Town Hall steps.

On page 12 Andrew Gilligan comments on the Ealing Southall campaign and says: “… it’s the Tories who have taken the initiative.”

After a one-liner on the World at One the Radio 4 PM programme covered the story in detail too, even featuring an interview with Manjit Singh. The online version of the BBC story is here. The BBC’s headline downplays the news by failing to identify the parties in its headline: “Five Southall councillors defect”. When a Conservative MP defected to Labour recently the BBC headline was: “Conservative MP defects to Labour “. So much for impartiality then.

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You are quite correct about media, web site and blog coverage of this defection. However where you won’t find any details about these five Councillors changing political parties is on Ealing Council’s web site. You might expect to find it in ‘Latest news on Ealing Southall Byelection’; you might expect to read that the Councillors are now listed as Conservative Councillors; but no neither of these expectations are met.


The five councillors were only accepted into the Conservative group last night so it might take a little while to filter through to the website. No doubt officers will want to check with the people concerned before they do anything. It would be embarrassing to make a mistake! It will all take time.

You will find that the council goes very quiet on anything remotely political during election campaigns. These so-called purdah rules are designed to avoid impropriety.

Let’s keep it positive Eric.

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