Ealing Southall By-election

That cheque

That cheque

I spent the weekend in sunny Worthing visiting my parents so haven’t had the chance to comment on the toast dropping revelation that Tony Lit is a Labour donor. I read about it in my Dad’s Sunday Telegraph . Further examination though reveals that his company paid for a table at a Labour event that was aimed at Asian business people. He had been to a similar Conservative event a week before that. We knew Lit was a businessman – that is what we liked about him. Often business people think it is in the interests of their company to keep in with politicians and political parties. Fact of life.

The scanned image of the cheque made out to the Labour party gives us a clue as to what is behind this non-story. The Labour party are clearly windy about the Ealing Southall by-election so have leapt on this story. Whilst it might make a few Telegraph readers huff and puff over their cornflakes it is unlikely to ruffle many feathers in the constituency.

I suspect that this will backfire on Labour’s drive to restore its shaky finances. Whilst political donations should be public who would be a Labour donor? Whilst someone has obscured the sorting numbers on the bottom of the cheque most donors would be horrified to see an organisation they had supported revealing their banker and account name to the public along with the signature of one of their authorised signatories.

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