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Tube bosses have no idea

Two stories in last tonight’s Standard show just how warped Transport for London’s priorities have become.

On the one hand 40 Underground ticket offices are to be shut. This move is apparently designed to increase use of Oyster cards. Make no mistake that although these might be convenient for some, even most, users the reason that TfL is pushing this change is to reduce its costs. TfL says it will not cut station staff but clearly it will be tempted to. Users want the Oyster but they also want a friendly face behind the ticket window, especially if they are from out of town. On the other hand Andrew Gilligan calculates that Bob Kiley, the ex-boss of TfL, will have cost us £4 million before he actually shuffles off the stage. This sum is dwarfed by the £78 million spent by TfL on advertising in 2005/6.

Given the choice between spending cash on bigging up the Mayor or making life easier for customers TfL chooses protecting the Mayor’s propaganda budget rather than services that customers value.

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The wastage made by TFL is disgraceful particularly on unnecessary advertising. I think there should be a station supervisor in uniform, with platform duties, to reassure and help passengers on every station; in contrast to a deserted and unwelcoming environment in which many are vulnerable. (One 80 year old gent I know fell and was wedged halfway down the escalator at Shepherds Bush Stn for several minutes and no staff were anywhere to be seen even after passengers had helped him to the entrance, and not long after the terrorist attacks)
This measure would prevent crime and misbehaviour, keep equipment secure and graffiti free, and give confidence and a safe SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS.

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