Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor takes on Fire Brigade

I don't like LFEPA so here's a chance to give it a good kickingThe Mayor does not like the body that runs the London Fire Brigade. It is called the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. The reason he does not like it is because he does not control it. If you want to know why LFEPA does not pay a contribution to the Londoner (see previous posting) it is because LFEPA told him to bugger off.

There are 17 people on the Authority, 8 Assembly Members and 9 councillors. Now that both the Assembly and councils are dominated by large Tory groups the Mayor knows that LFEPA will be even less controllable.

This is democracy at work but the Mayor is using his powers to frustrate it. The Mayor has turned down all the Conservative and LibDem nominations except for one Tory woman councillor on the basis that they are too white and too male.

It is a bit hard to know what to do about the Assembly Members on LFEPA. There are 8 places but only 2 BME AMs who are both Labour. The Mayor has approved one Labour BME AM, Murad Qureshi, but has left the other one on the bench. As much as the Tories and LibDems might want to nominate BME AMs the hard fact is that they have not got any. Is this the point the Mayor is trying to make? Why doesn’t he resign his own job as he is himself the classic white, middle-aged, male politician?

The Mayor is not being consistent. He is effectively in alliance with the Greens but he has re-appointed AM Darren Johnson to LFEPA in spite of the fact that the Greens are “hideously white” to steal a phrase from Greg Dyke. Check out their key people here.

Bizzarely he has also re-appointed Peter Hulme-Cross from One London. The two ex-UKIP Assembly Members are not only hideously white but also hideously male and middle-aged like the Mayor. Does the Mayor think that they will not get returned next May so he does not need to make a point with them or is he plotting to bring them into his Labour/Green coalition?

The Mayor is simply not entitled to tell the Tories and the LibDems who they think is best equipped to help direct LFEPA.

Here is the BBC London coverage.