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Ealing Area Committee

Townhall.jpgThe councillors and residents’ association representatives who attended tonight’s Ealing Area Committee had to endure another three hour meeting.

The item that caused the most debate was the Ealing Dean CPZ. Unfortunately I had to sit this item out due to a “prejudicial interest”. In other words I live in the roads being discussed so under the councillors’ code of conduct I could not even be in the room whilst the matter was discussed. I spent 40 minutes sitting on the naughty step. I found out afterwards that I now live in a CPZ.

The funniest part of the evening was when various representatives of the public raised issues. Paul Mathieu representing residents of Marlborough Road and Richmond Road near St Mary’s Church asked that their roads have their CPZ rules changed to accommodate the fact that TVU now has an extensive summer and Saturday programme. Two items later Chris Veasey asked that Church Gardens be made a separate CPZ from the roads where Paul Mathieu lived because some lazy people in the same CPZ have a habit of driving down to the end of Church Gardens to get as near as possible to South Ealing tube, sometimes abandoning their cars for weeks at a time. Veasey pointed out that he was disappointed that Mathieu had already left the meeting as he was a prime offender.

Under the same item Ealing Fields Residents Association complained about the advertising hoardings that have sprung up at the Windmill Lane/Northfield Avenue Junction to block the sightlines of the expensive new pedestrian crossing. They are miserable that they have not been consulted about this change. So are their councillors. Apparently the planners just forgot. Council officers are now trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube.

The idea of having a skating ring on Haven Green next Christmas got a step nearer to reality. Subject to ensuring that residents are consulted and happy the portfolio holder will be able to take this proposal forward.

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I would have thought living in the area would have brought more local knowledge and accountability to the discussion and an important reason for electing councillors and MPs in the first place!

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