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EFRAThe Ealing Fields Residents Association met at the Log Cabin last night to have their AGM. The EFRA area (see map) includes about a third of the Northfield ward. It was a well attended meeting with some 50 people squeezing into the Log Cabin behind Northfield Library.

Two councillors, Millican and myself, turned up along with Sergeant Elam, the SNT Sergeant for Northfield.

EFRA’s membership secretary reported that they had some 450 memberships out of some 1,840 residences in their area.

Elam reported that in the last year his team has arrested 14 graffiti vandals. He also pointed out that Northfield is the safest ward in Ealing by a country mile. The Northfield team, along with the Ealing Common team, will move into a ward base at the old Bullseye shop at 180 South Ealing Road in August. This will be a great advance as it will move a visible police presence to where it is needed. There will be a counter there so people will be able to meet their local coppers face-to-face. Apparently Elam’s team run a surgery at the Starlight Cafe, Northfield Avenue every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm if anyone wants to catch them in the meantime. If you have problems call Sergeant Elam and his team on 07879 888989. They are very nice so don’t be shy.

I was asked to give a short report on the Little Ealing Showcase Streets scheme. I did a quick tour of the neighbourhood before the meeting to check my facts. The scheme does seem to have uplifted Little Ealing Lane and the adjoining streets.

Having been to three well attended, well run public meetings over the last month, Old Hanwell Residents’ Association one-way system meeting, West Ealing Neighbours development meeting and this one, I am impressed by how active and engaged our citizens are. It is a shame we can’t get them to come to more of the council’s meetings.

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Good informative piece. The fact that the Northfield Police SNT will have a counter and public access is great news. Very different from the Ward SNT office buried in Sainsbury’s in West Ealing centre with no public access ie no counter.

As to why more residents don’t attend Council meetings here’s a few reasons:

1. Many residents are disenchanted with local democracy.

2. With regards West Ealing, there are 15 Councillors and 14 of them are Conservative. There rarely seems to be much public debate between these 14 and if I was a cynic I’d say that most if not all of them are accountable to their political party rather than to the electorate.

3. West Ealing – with some 32,000 residents and local businesses – doesn’t have its own Area Committee and to raise issues W13 residents have to go cap in hand to the Ealing Area Committee or the Hanwell Area Committe. Residents in towns of lesser size than West Ealing like Newquay or Penzance are not disenfranchised in this way.

Its clever of you to spot this organising by residents on the ground. As I said at the WEN meeting that you allude to, these groups are the future and Councillors ignore them at their peril. It seems to me that the role of Councillor is a very difficult one. In my Ward Cleveland there are three of them trying to represent the interests of 14,000 residents and local businesses. How they can possibly do this successfully is beyond me. If they are not proactively helping to foster community groups; going out to meet residents groups and trade associations; in and out of the local shops; and communicating successfully – they’ll never get anywhere near fulfilling their role. Having their own information-rich web sites might help – but here you Mr Taylor seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Eric Leach,
Vice-Chair WEN

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