Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Conflicted green

Don't expect my press people to tell you about the five star hotel or the first class flightYesterday the London Mayor’s bloated press office seemed somewhat conflicted.

Whilst they were keen to highlight the Mayor’s involvement in the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in New York they cannot explain how transatlantic beanos and flying 10,000 Americans to London for an NFL game fit into the Mayor’s green agenda.

As the Mayor himself said in his speech yesterday:

We do not have to live less well but we do have to live less wastefully.

Yeah, but the first thing to go has to be the first class travel, five star hotel, big entourage style that the Mayor loves so much. Binning the NFL game would be a good second step.

The NFL announcement has scaled down the number of fans crossing the Atlantic back down to 10,000 from 15,000. Apparently the two teams will be offsetting their flights. Like that makes any difference. Clearly the Mayor thinks there are votes in this game as he announced it in January, February and now again in May. Bread and circuses Mr Mayor.

Apparently the Mayor is telling the other 39 cities how great the Congestion Charge is. I don’t suppose he is telling them how pretty much all of the £927 million collected over the four years has been wasted on out of control costs and that its main effect is to displace emissions and congestion from central London to outer London.