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Transport for London blow £22K on two job adverts

TfL are notoriously wasteful as we know from their £78 million comms budget and the 821 people who earn more than £50K per year there.

Browsing through recent questions to the Mayor and his answers I found this gem from Roger Evans:

Roger Evans: How much did the recent adverts placed in The Economist for Head of Planning and Head of Finance cost?

Ken Livingstone: The recent adverts in the Economist were placed at a cost £11,000 each and include publication on line for 4 weeks. The Economist is a global publication and is used for campaigns where we would wish to attract an international readership. The Economist has in the past generated high quality applications for TfL and is considered to be a viable alternative to national press for specialised appointments.

The fact that these ads were online for 4 weeks makes me so much happier that this crap cost £22K. Not.

Reading further I find that the total spending on job ads by TfL this year has been £3.9 million.

Good work by Roger Evans.

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What’s wrong with putting a quarter page ad in the (awful) Standard. With around 10 million people in London we have three times the population of Lithuania; surely there must be someone living in London who could do the job (saving £30K pounds in relocating someone with their entire family from say, Australia)? Can’t we sue TfL or Red Ken or something to stop this kind of wastage–what happened to “Ultra Vires, etc.?

Furthermore, isn’t Red Ken in favour of Localisation rather than Globalisation? Surely LA21 (Lost A******** 21) and the like move to protest against this?

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