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Rupa fights in the east

Rupa Huq in Bethnal Green & Bow
A comment last night on this blog has alerted me to the good progress that local girl Rupa Huq is making in the Labour selection process for the Bethnal Green and Bow parliamentary seat.

At the start of April Rupa made the six person shortlist for this seat. In this seat Labour chose to have a 3 men + 3 women shortlist rather than the all-women format to be used in our own Ealing Southall seat by Labour.

The big decision day for the eastenders is Saturday 28th April. Unless Rupa beats Labour Assembly Member John Biggs and the other Labour types pictured above, the men tie wearing one and all, we can expect to see her trying her luck in Ealing Southall. In Bethnal Green and Bow she can trade on her Bangladeshi roots. These won’t cut so much ice in Punjabi dominated Southall Labour Party circles where even the Labour opposition leader is considered an outsider.

Photo above nicked from Rupa’s own blog.

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Hi Phil

Rupa’s a great gal, and I’m sure she’ll make a great MP. But she’s as local to Bethnal Green and Bow as George Galloway. She lives in Ealing and was brought up in Cheshire…..

Dear Pira,

You are wrong to say that Rupa was brought up in Cheshire. She was brought up in Northfield, ealing and still lives there. You may be mistaken by the fact that she was a lecturer in Manchester University for a few years when she lived in Manchester which is where I met her when we were both involved in Manchester Labour Party, very bright girl but now she works at Kingston as a senior lecturer and she lives in ealing.

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