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Never trust a LibDem

jon-ball.jpgBrowsing through the local papers online this morning after a short Easter break I saw the Ealing Times story about local councillor Jon Ball being selected as the LibDem candidate for Ealing Central and Acton.

I noted a positive comment from a certain Huw Prior. I often amuse myself by Googling such people. In September last year Prior was nominated as a LEA school govenor by … yep, you guessed it, the LibDems.

Here is his potted biography:

Huw stood as a candidate in the King’s Cross ward at the recent London Borough of Camden Council elections. He has only lived in Camden since June 2005 and although new to the area, he already loves the vibrancy, diversity and sense of community it inspires.

A follower of the music scene in Camden, he regularly go to concerts around the Borough and also enjoy and support local theatre. Huw also take full advantage of the sporting facilities available in Camden from working out at Mornington Sports Centre to spending time in Regents Park.

Originally from the southern tip of West Sussex, he has been fascinated with politics since the age of 12, (local, national and international) and graduated with a 2:1 in International Relations from Aberystwyth University in 2003. Huw now works in local government for Barnet Council, liaising with residents on a daily basis.

A trip to India opened his eyes to huge inequality and injustice in the world, which continues to galvanise him. Since moving to London, he has seen problems of crime, poor housing and healthcare and developed a strong desire to help make a difference to people’s lives.

Anyone who has heard Ball waffling through a council meeting knows that he will be eaten for breakfast by the Tory candidate Angie Bray. Let’s hope that Labour can come up with someone a bit more exciting otherwise it will be very dull at the next general election.

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I came across this post randomly but I’m confused by the poster’s views. Could he/she confirm why my biography was used in a negative conxtext? It sounds like a perfectly normal biography to me.



You obviously don’t remember the comment you left on the Ealing Times site regarding the selection of Jon Ball:

“Jon Ball was my Councillor when I lived in Ealing and he always put the concerns of local residents first. He will be an excellent choice for local MP as he lives in the constituency for a start!!”

The point I was making was that it was typically disingenuous to present yourself as a simple resident as opposed to a LibDem activist. Your biog is perfectly innocuous.

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