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Mayor not making the grade with reducing the school run

Even Labour's John Biggs is worried I'm wasting moneyIt comes to something when even Labour politicians start to point out to the London Mayor that spending large amounts of cash and putting out press releases is not the same as achievement.

The Mayor is getting hot under the collar with Labour Assembly Member John Biggs today because he has pointed out that whilst the Mayor is spending £34.4 million on helping schools to produce somewhat bureaucratic school travel plans his claim that this is being translated into an actual reduction in people using their cars to transport their kids to school is pretty tenuous. See the original report from the London Assembly’s Transport Committee here and BBC coverage here. Interestingly the left-biased BBC cannot bear to include the cost of this scheme in its piece, in spite of the number being highlighted by the Assembly, in case that it inadvertently alerts any citizens to the vast quantities of cash being spent so inefficiently.

All this targetry is pretty dumb. The Government said lets make sure all schools have a plan by 2010. The Mayor, Mr Green football fan, trumped them by suggesting that London should achieve this by 2009. No-one really knows though if all this “planning” will really change anything though. Certainly they are not bothering to measure the output in a systematic way.

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I think David Cameron is ‘hotter under the collar’ than Ken Livingstone today after being dumped by the Lib Dems and former BBC Director General, Greg Dyke. And, incidentally, many people support the mayor’s school travel plans with or without your cynicism!


As an assembly member it is Biggs’ job to hold the Mayor to account and it is good to see him doing his job. The Mayor is not great at putting out transparent information and chafes somewhat at the scrutiny process. As a council tax payer I want to see TfL translate that £34.4 million into tangible benefits. That probably makes me an idealist not a cynic!

As for the Dyke thing I am pretty hot under the collar myself!


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