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Tory council delivers on its promises

Reading through council leader Jason Stacey’s comments on the budget just now I am struck again by the clarity of thinking he displays. Last year he set the council’s near term priorities as being:


Key points of the budget are:

  • the Ealing element of council tax is set to rise by just 1.9%
  • reserves up by a further £2 million
  • an additional £6.1 million to be invested in improving the local environment
  • including street cleansing to be increased by 75%
  • an additional £1.8 million is to be spent safer communities
  • including a £1 million partnership project with the local police to get 50 Police and Community Support Officers onto the streets.

It is great to see that “it does what it says on the tin”.

For the dedicated follow this link to see the whole budget report to be discussed by the full council meeting on Tuesday 6th March. Come to the town hall at 7pm to take part.

2 replies on “Tory council delivers on its promises”

A bit sycophantic even by your usual standards Phil. I’m sure Jason will be pleased. Hoping for a seat in the cabinet after the AGM?


I see you are keeping up your usual standards of positive contribution. Not.

In real life it is really hard to keep focused and deliver. It looks easy and obvious from the outside but doing it is a different matter. Jason does deserve praise and I am not shy of giving it.

I was lucky to see the budgeting process at first hand and all the participants, both officers and members, worked hard to get this great result.

As ever I would be interested to hear your actual opinions, ie should the council tax rise be higher or lower? Are you pleased we are being financially prudent and increasing reserves? Do you think the environment and community safety is the right place to put new money?


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