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Southall walkabout

Back from my holiday on Sunday I flipped through the Gazette only to find a whole page devoted to their “Clean-up Southall Campaign” complete with quotes from Southall councillors Gurcharan Singh and Kamaljit Dhindsa. Having been in Southall a only couple of weeks before I was not sure I believed Singh’s prescription “we need more resources to solve the problem”. The new council is pouring more resources into the environment in Southall but more is required than just council spending. Cllr Dhindsa’s diagnosis also seemed a bit weak:

A lot of new arrivals coming into Southall are not aware of how rubbish is cleared here, and also about recycling. In some parts of the world people clear out their rubbish by chucking it into the street, and when new arrivals come here they don’t realise that it is wrong to do that here.

Only on Tuesday these councillors were voting against a budget that included:

  • an increase to the street cleaning budget of 75%
  • an extension of street cleaning in Southall from 8pm to 10 pm
  • an extension of zone 1 (continual cleanse) down Western Road to the borough boundary
  • many of the roads in Southall moving from a weekly to a twice weekly cleanse.

I went to look for myself.

In general the public realm looked pretty good:

Southall Park

Southall Park looked lovely in the sunshine

Southall Park Loos

The new loos looked clean and well-maintained

Southall lights and cameras

New street lights and safety cameras

Southall bin

Newish bins with bin bags in place

New street sign

New street signs

Some of the roads and pavements could have looked better, as could most in the entire borough. The last Labour administration let the budget for streets fall to £1 million per annum. The new administration immediately increased this to £1.5 million on election last year and will maintain this level of spending this year and into the future. It will take many years though to undo the damage caused by Labour to our roads.

I spotted four fly tips at the ends of Beaconsfield Road, Hortus Road, Kingston Road and Featherstone Road and another one halfway down Havelock Road opposite the Gurdwara. Is it really new arrivals doing all this or is it long-time residents and businesses who simply don’t want to clear up after themselves? The most spectacular flytip was the one in Kingston Road which was just by the back door of a food business. Dumposaurus Dumpsters Austin TX would eagerly provide dumpster rental to them.

Kingston Road fly-tip

I reported all five to the the council’s customer services desk on 020 8825 6000 this morning. Any member of the public can do this. Clean-up Southall? Yes! Pick up the phone! It is a shame that the Gazette’s feature, covering one whole page, did not not take the opportunity to advertise this phone number.

The real problem I saw was in the private rather than the public realm. In my short walkabout I came across eight envirocrime cases where local businesses or landlords are simply not complying with the law and using public spaces to run their businesses and as dumping grounds. These are not hapless newcomers that don’t know any better but cynical businessmen who want to make more profit by exploiting the environment.

Case 1


Ruby’s Food and Wine one the Uxbridge Road seem to think it is OK to put out their overflowing dumpsters and cage trolleys on the footpath

Case 2

Roshni Restaurant

The Roshni restaurant on South Road seem to be quite happy to sublet the footpath outside

Case 3

Alley behind South Road

The landlord who owns the alley behind South Road (entrance St Joseph’s Drive), and the tenants who use it every day, need to police their own private property

Case 4


It looks like the Skylark travel agency on The Crescent are putting out their commercial waste at the wrong time

Case 5

The Crescent open space

Which businesses are putting their dumpsters on The Crescent Road Open Space?

Case 6

State Bank of India

The State Bank of India on The Green seems to be incapable of keeping its grass free of litter

Case 7

Private land adjacent to Dominion car park

The landlord of the private land to the right of the Dominion car park needs to clean it up

Case 8

Sira Super Store

Sira Super Store on King Street is totally taking the Mickey with a fork lift and 4 cage trolleys on Church Avenue and bags and crates alongside the store

All eight of these envirocrime cases have been reported to the Southall envirocrime area manager this morning. Any member of the public and certainly any of the 15 Labour councillors in Southall can do this too. As David Cameron says: “We are all in this together”.

We have similar issues, although perhaps not as many, in both South Ealing Road and Northfield Avenue in my ward. Councillors and residents just have to keep on reporting these things to the council – you can also have a dramatic effect by just talking to businesses yourself directly. For instance, I worked with residents of Airedale Road on a short campaign and persuaded a butcher to stop leaving his meat-filled dumpster on the street over the weekend. Let these businesses know that they won’t get your custom if they mess the place up.

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I agree I think Southall would be a lot cleaner if everyone who lived there made an effort to keep it clean and in particular if shop keepers disposed of their waste properly rather than dumping it out on the street.

Tesco now has several re-cycling bins people need to make more use of these and contribute to keeping the environment safer and cleaner for everyone.

A good article, especially the photos.
But was amazed to see a photo of an empty bin in Southall.
Usually they are full.

I agree that litter is mostly caused by long-time residents and businesses who simply don’t want to clear up after themselves. These individuals are persistent offenders and don’t take a blind bit of notice of any warning signs.

Contrary to your article, members of the public do pick up the phone and report these offences. But they get sick and tired of reporting it time and time again for years, without any action being taken.
Do you reallly think a few signs are going to deter persistent offenders.

I am talking about incidents happening within yards of Southall Broadway. The place for all tourist to see!

We have had “photo opportunity but waste of money” street warden who only looked the other way.

Do I really need to phone the council every other day to report all sorts of rubbish being dumped within yards of Southall Broadway ie Abbotts Road?
Or will some one wake up and take some action?

Hello! I think this is a great page, with great information. I live in Southall and had no idea about all the litter!!

Southall is filthy. There is always rubbish all over the streets and in people’s gardens and on the pavements. The stench is something else! It must be a health and safety hazard.

There seems to be no enforcement whatsoever of basic regulations on waste disposal and fly-tipping. I’m not sure what are the root causes of the problem, although I suspect that it is down to local residents and businesses, in the main.

As for a solution, I don’t think it is anywhere near good enough to expect the same local residents and businesses somehow, suddenly to start taking responsibility and showing some consideration for the rest of us and the environment without any kind of pro-active education, incentive and enforcement measures from the council.

Look, these photos are faked and this site is nothing but a smear campaign. Don’t fall for this, people!


Here’s a mad idea why dont the so called council to where most of our taxes go get their finger out their a**ses and do what they get paid to do! granted that the community needs to play its part but it plays a part of the goverment who to be honest dont give a s*it!
it’s weired how you can go to certain area’s like richmond and you see street cleaners day and night! the truth of the matter is most of the residents dont give a damn but worst than that is so called ealing council dont give a toss!

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