Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor not telling the truth about CC income again

The CC is not making any money but don't expect me to tell you.  In fact I think I will just tell you the oppositeYesterday the Green Party announced that its candidate for London Mayor would be the Sian Berry and today the Mayor is on his green megaphone.

Before yesterday Berry toiled under the bizarre moniker Principal Female Speaker for the Green Party.

Apparently Berry is also fourth on their PR list to be an Assembly Member which I guess is her back up plan in the likely event that she gets ignored in the Mayoral race.

Oxford educated Berry managed to get 5.3% of the vote in the Hampstead and Highgate seat at the last general election in 2005. All very lovely. Less than two weeks ago the Mayor was giving the woman house room to write a foreword to his Climate Change Action Plan and now she will be trying to take his job. Glad she is not my friend.

Anyway, back to Livingstone. Although TfL’s own figures show that the Congestion Charge has not made any money the City Hall lie machine can still come out with such gems as:

Revenue from the scheme will go into improving transport infrastructure for buses, trains, cycling and walking all of which are low carbon emission forms of transport.

There has been precious little revenue to-date and there is little prospect of any significant revenues in the future. See how the finances work here – the Mayor has collected £927 million so far and made a net surplus of only £25 million.