Tram bill hits £30 million

Croydon TramlinkEaling Times is reporting today that the latest tally of spending on the West London Tram by the Mayor has reached £29.8 million despite all three boroughs on its route and local people being against.

They quote our local London Assembly Member, Richard Barnes who represents Ealing and Hillingdon, as saying:

“The sheer cost of this scheme is staggering and it’s now clear that because he has wasted so much money on the project the Mayor feels he cannot back out, despite the lack of support from West London. Livingstone should bite the bullet, cut his losses now and listen to local objections before any further money is squandered on a scheme West London doesn’t want.”

Quite right Richard.

One reply on “Tram bill hits £30 million”

I support the tram, so it is not correct to say that no-one in the three boroughs supports the project. I view the tram as inevitable as we move to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. However you view it electric traction of some sort is inevitable….instead of carping about the tram I wish that the Conservatives would roll up their [green]sleeves and support this is principle. Its a no-brainer that trams, trolleybuses, electric railways and maglev are going to figure in the picture somehow. Ealing could be at the forefront of all this while reducing polluting emissions in the Borough…stop attacking the tram and HIJACK it…it’s a great idea; you shouldn’t let Ken take the credit for it. Why not have a tram interchange at Ealing Broadway and run a tram North South from the Macdonalds at Hanger Lane station down to the Macdonalds by the Thames at the bottom of the South Ealing Road (perhaps they would even sponsor it). You could pedestrianize the Castle Bar Road and the South Ealing Road….just think what it would do for local communities and retailers not to mention the accessibility for the people in the estates from the River through South Ealing to the major supermarkets in Ealing, etc. Come on Phil serve your community!!!!

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