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No 10 road pricing petition to hit million

Just before 9am today the No 10 road pricing petition stood at 996,192. Towards the end of January it looked like the petition was running out of steam and would top out at the 600,000 mark. Since then it has got it has got its legs back.

The Telegraph and its motoring correspondent, David Millward, have been pushing the issue, although confusingly they are running their own petition alongside Peter Roberts’ original petition on the No 10 petitions site. Today they are covering the million milestone on their front page, yesterday it was the bailiffs angle, on Thursday it was the impact of devolution on road pricing and on Tuesday they looked at the security and integrity of the petition itself – it is much more robust than a paper one!

There is even a video interview of Peter Roberts, the guy who started the thing off. Well done Peter.

Peter Roberts (copied from Telegraph)Peter Roberts’ petition to scrap plans to introduce road pricing reads as follows:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy.

Get clicking and signing if you want to avoid paying another tax and having your movements traced by the state.

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at 10:00am GMT precisely today the petition hit 1 million signatures – with continued awareness to the british public this can double by the deadline -in a few days time

take seriously the issues here, and register your opinion

I think we already pay too much.
vat on cars, vehcle ex duty, tax on fuel, parking, bridge tolls, insurance, park and ride, mots, congestion charging, speed cameras, let alone the cost of maintaining our vehicles.

The government should spend our taxes on ironing out the bottle necks that cause the congestion , instead of blaming it on us. improve public transport in the cities, make it free if need be so that people use it. exessive tax will just make more people drive illegally.

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