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Mayor flies to Miami to save planet

I get to watch the Superbowl you lot get to go to work on Monday to pay for itOn Friday the Mayor announced the teams that are coming to London in October to play a full on NFL football game – yawn! Apparently he is staying on to watch the Superbowl tonight. Good luck to him and I hope he enjoys another freebie paid for by us poor council tax payers.

He is a totally bizarre man though. On Thursday he was blathering on about climate change, and probably quite right too, see press release, but the next day he pops up at a press conference in Miami and announces this game. First of all why does he need to go to Miami, he is the London Mayor after all, and secondly why do we need American football in the UK anyway? Maybe he should have been in London at Twickenham yesterday watching Johnny Wilkinson or would that be too middle class for our jet set working class hero Mayor?

The funniest factoid in the Mayor’s NFL press release is that this initiative will persuade 10,000 Americans to come to London to watch a football match. No concern about global warming there then.

The press release was strangely worded because it did not make it clear the Mayor was actually in Miami although apparently he is there with a female PR whose phone number is given along with the info that she is in Miami. It is pretty clear he is actually there from the coverage in the Miami Herald. While he was there the Mayor could not help pursuing his personal diplomatic mission to the world:

I look forward to the day the American people elect a government as great as they are.

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Hope the 10,000 Americans don’t read Livingstone’s claim that their ambassador is a ‘chiselling little crook’ – it might put some of them off coming.

Meanwhile, let’s look forward to the day that Londoners elect a Mayor as great as they are…

Went to a London Councils meeting a couple of months ago where Nicky Gavron, deputy London mayor, gave a talk to reps from the London boroughs about global warming. Straight out of the Patricia Hewitt school of charm and deportment, she began – entirely without irony – something like this: “It was only whilst attending a recent conference in Nairobi that I realised the importance of global warming”. Don’t think her journey was by slow boat. These people are beyond satirising.

I missed the original wording in your post. Could you reproduce it here so I too can be outraged at your sexist and derogatory remarks?

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