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Initial waste consultation results

EalingThis morning the council has announced the initial results from the massive consultation on the future of our waste collection services, see press release. It seems that the results from the massive waste consultation were clear in some areas but not in others. Altogether 10,500 people responded.

The whole of Ealing, the Elthorne ward south of the railway tracks and Southfield ward have clearly opted to keep black sacks. The picture is less clear in the rest of the borough. As a result a new, simpler consultation is going out to the rest of the borough this week. It was clear that the two wheelie bin and fortnightly collection options were not popular overall so second time around it will be a straight choice between bin bags and one wheelie bin.

The council has heard the clear message that plastic recycling is popular and this will be added to the recycling service this year.

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So it looks like ther will be no change for a large part of the borough. As you are very hot on waste of public money, can you tell us how much this exercise has cost the counctl tax payer of Ealing.
Can you also clarify the economics of plastic recycling.

Hi Bob,

You seem to be in point scoring mode.

I don’t know how much the consultation cost off hand but I think it was money well spent because the design of the waste management scheme is an important local issue that affects everyone which this administration is right to test. This administration is keen to demonstrate that it is the servant of local people so excuse us if we ask their opinion regularly.

The economics of plastic recycling are not great as it happens which is why it has been left to last. For instance, food is a no-brainer because it is heavy and cheap to recycle (compost). Plastics are light, awkward to collect and hard to re-cycle. This does not invalidate their recycling and this administration is right to respond to this clearly expressed desire of local people. Are you proposing that we ignore them?

I would be interested to hear your actual views Bob.

Sorry how can it be money well spent if you do not know how much was spent. If was £10 then it was well spent. If it was £1 million that it wasn’t…
Obviously everyone supports plastic recycling in theory (I have been know to drop off my milk bottles at the Greenford centre!) but I understand (although I am happy to be proven wrong) that it very expensive and that there is not a market for recycled plastics.

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