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Tesco coming to Ealing Broadway

TescoToday’s Gazette carries an exclusive report that Tesco is going to move into the Ealing Broadway Centre. The site vacated by Morrisons last July is the largest in the shopping centre and anchors the whole site. It is good news for Ealing that it is going to be re-occupied. Not everybody loves Tessa Cohen’s grocery store but with M&S and Tesco in Ealing Broadway and Waitrose and Sainsbury in West Ealing you can’t say we haven’t got a pretty good range of supermarkets.

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Quite so. After you have whizzed round the supermarket you have got time to visit your parents, run a boy scout trip, be a school govenor, attend a council meeting, mentor a young person, ……

or even be a Councillor who runs an excellent, opinionated blog that allows him and other obsessives like me to have the odd rant!

One of the really good things about any supermarket (even Tesco) occupying that space is that it provides business for other shops and cafes close by to it.

BTW, my parents are dead; I was in my youth a Venture Scout; I was a Governer of two schools in Ealing; I do attend Council meetings and write reports of them which are published at; but I don’t mentor any youing persons….but maybe I will when I grow up.


Good to hear from you.

I was not listing my own good works in my original response just pointing out that communities need time and supermarkets do give you time so if you use your added spare time profitably then supermarkets can be good for the community.


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