Road pricing petition heads for 600,000

The Telegraph is covering the road pricing petition again. This time they have highlighted a European angle. Apparently to find some justification for the incredible waste and duplication of effort represented by the EU’s Galileo space programme the EU Commission is trying to enforce a rule that all EU road pricing schemes use it. Galileo duplicates the US GPS system and is a total waste of money. The only way you can justify Galileo is you think that Europe’s relations with the US could breakdown to the extent that we were excluded from being able to get access to the high resolution version of GPS that allows you to control and target weapons – anyone can get access to the low res version which the Americans cannot turn off without damaging their own armed forces.

Anyway to go back to the petition it is nudging 600,000 and should be there by the end of the weekend.


Peter Roberts’ petition to scrap plans to introduce road pricing reads as follows:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy.

Get clicking and signing if you want to avoid paying another tax and having your movements traced by the state.

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5 Responses to Road pricing petition heads for 600,000

  1. Phil says:

    624,685 at 6:52 today.

  2. Phil says:

    651,126 at 23:45 today.

  3. N.Pagett says:

    call me a suspicious old cynic, but in the days before cheap mass transport, (pre 1840’s/50’s) i7 could cost a working guy a month’s wages to travel from, say, Edinburgh to London. Hence most people stayed put, and as a result were much easier to keep track of and control
    The traveltax petition is hitting 60000 a day, keep it up and email the link to everyone you know

  4. Roger says:

    petition nudging 900 000 now. Lets aim for 2 million by the close . Its at

    Interesting to read the EU GPS slat. I’m sure that has a bearing on why its being encouraged by government.

    There are also a good few (serious) reasons for why the congestion has grown too quickly on british roads at

  5. Roger says:

    for “slat” read “slant” above

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