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Livinstone saves planet – by flying to Switzerland

You'll have to pay for my carbon off-setting and the swanky hotel billsThe London Mayor has been in Davos this week hanging out with the global movers and shakers.

I am sure that he has told all that will listen how great his Congestion Charge scheme has been. I don’t suppose that he will have let on how little it has achieved or how he has wasted all of £1 billion he has collected off us.

As with most of the Mayor’s foreign diplomacy and green advocacy efforts he is acting outside his powers.

He is very shrewd though to pick this issue as it will have resonance with many voters however ineffective and self-serving his contribution is.

Tuesday’s editorial in the Standard on Tuesday points out another issue:

Today, the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland starts, and among the world leaders will be Tony Blair – and the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. Once, it would have been inconceivable to imagine Mr Livingstone in this sort of company; now he seems quite at home among the globe’s big moneymen. It all goes to reinforce Mr Livingstone’s reputation as the most travelled of the mayors of the world’s big cities. Yet there are parts of the capital that have hardly seen the Mayor since his election. One day, perhaps, Mr Livingstone would consider making a trip, for example, to Richmond?

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There are in fact 10 London boroughs which the Mayor has not visited since his election and I have listed them on my blog. They include Richmond, Kingston, Havering and perhaps more surprisingly Islington. Whilst we haven’t missed him in Romford, residents have good reason to feel slighted – at least he made an attempt to get to Caracas…

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