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Greens bought for £47 million

I'm having another 5.2% thank youIt looks like the Mayor has bought the Green Party for £47 million.

In order to be sure of getting his budget past the GLA the Mayor needs some allies as the Labour group is so small now.

The Green Party is willing to do his bidding in return for enough cash for their pet projects.

The Mayor wants to ramp his share of the council tax up by another 5.2% so he needs their help.

What confuses me is how he can claim to be spending £47 million he wasn’t spending anyway and then suggest that the GLA’s portion of the precept is only 18p a week or £40.5 million. How do you find £47 million from £40.5 million? The answer is, of course, you can’t. What he is doing is plundering the LDA and TfL budgets to fund these schemes. So if the LDA is not doing its core job of generating new economic development in London and your fares are going up crazily you know who to blame – the Green Party. Just to be clear here: the Mayor is taking £47 million out of those GLA bodies that are funded by central government to persuade the Greens to allow him to take more money off you.

In typically mendacious style the Mayor talks about his increase being 29p per week rather than an inflation busting 5.2%, a figure that does not appear anywhere in his two press releases. The Mayor wants you to work this out for yourself. Then again he never spelt out his 13.3% precept rise last year (see previous story) or the 33% rise for cash fares on public transport in January (see previous story).

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