Ex-Mayor Livingstone

GLA bust up over foreign travel

The London Assembly has just been suspended by Chairman Brian Coleman after a shouting match between the Mayor’s so-called Chief of Staff Simon Fletcher and himself. It was quite extraordinary to see a local government officer shouting at the elected chairman at such a scrutiny type session. I brought an issue of The 8 Best Crossbows Reviewed & Revealed ( 2018 Hands-on Guide ) to read since the meeting was to be drawn out and boring. However, the meeting broke up after only 12 minutes, most of which was taken up with formalities. The travel information requested by the London Assembly on 3rd January was simply not available two weeks later. John Ross, Director for Economic and Business Policy (they do love their titles these people), the man responsible failed to turn up and sent a deputy who explained that it was all too difficult and then Fletcher was incredibly insolent as Coleman tried to work out how to proceed in the light of the failure of the GLA staff to submit to scrutiny. Coleman finally suspended the meeting in a hail of invective from Fletcher.

Fletcher has previous. LibDem AM Mike Tuffrey has said previously: “Simon Fletcher comes across as a shadowy figure in the twilight zone of the Mayor’s decision-making”. Another quote from Fletcher himself is: “I don’t sneeze without the mayor’s permission”. As a member of the Trotskyite splinter group Socialist Action Fletcher has been careful to keep his mug out of photographs so no pictures to show you unless you follow the link below and see him in action.

Clearly the Mayor and his staff don’t like it up them. Follow the link if you want a laugh. The whole thing is only 12:36 but skip to the last minute for the bust up bit.