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Council tax back under control – 1.9%

TownhallLast night David Scott, cabinet member for finance and performance, took the opportunity given by a budget question from Councillor John Ross to make the announcement that Ealing’s council tax would only go up by 1.9% next year.

Although he caveated his statement by pointing out that the budget setting process was not quite complete and was subject to scrutiny this is great news for Ealing. This is the lowest rise in Ealing since before the 12 years of Labour administration. At a time when headline inflation (CPI) has hit 3% it is a great achievement to come in considerably under that level and hence deliver a real terms decrease in council tax to the people of Ealing. After 12 years of Labour misrule the people of Ealing, particularly those least able to afford to pay the council tax, will be able to spend more of their own money on their own priorities and not have it confiscated by the Town Hall.

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Hi Bob,

For those who don’t know Bob is about the only Labour activist in Ealing Common ward.

Bob, by all means go on about allowances but please tell us for the record how many Labour councillors have forgone the modest increases in allowances that were recenlty implemented.


As you know from previous correspondence I live in Northfields not ealing commom . I would like a straight answer for a very simple question. thank you.


Sorry. We are both badly informed.

For those who don’t know Bob is about the only Labour activist in Northfield Ward.

You asked about allowances. These will not go up in April. They went up on 1st August last year. I can tell you that my basic allowance went up from £7,764 to £9,000, a rise of 15.9%.

Now I have answered yours perhaps you would be kind enough to answer mine. How many Labour councillors have forsaken rises? The answer as you well know is zero.

I am not badly informed nor am I a Labour activist.

I have no idea how many Labour councillors (or Lib Dem of Tory ones for that matter) have forsaken rises nor do I care.

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