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Alice in wonderland – LEZ consultation


In case you haven’t seen the expensive advertising the London Mayor is currently consulting on his Low Emmission Zone. This is a total fraud.

The current consultation comes to an end on 2nd February. The consultation leaflet is really badly drawn up:

  • it does not quantify the benefits of the scheme in any way. It says 1,000 people die prematurely now but it does not say how many will be saved by the scheme
  • it does not quantify the extent to which particulates and NOx will be reduced
  • it does not quantify the extent to which these will be reduced in any case as new vehicles come into service
  • it does not indicate the cost of the scheme
  • it does not say how much has been spent on this scheme to-date
  • it does not quantify the economic costs of the scheme
  • it does not quantify how many vehicles will be affected – 10? 1,000? 1 million?

At the start of last year I read that the scheme was going to cost £78 million (see previous posting).

The stupid man did a consultation (222 pages of expensive waffle) last year and then commissioned some market research (73 pages of extremely expensive Ipsos MORI waffle). Now he is consulting again. All this stuff costs £100Ks and is totally useless. It is just evil to ask people questions like “Would you like something lovely?” without quantifying the extent of the loveliness or the cost of the loveliness. To do it three times is just an insult to Londoners’ intelligence.

This is seriously stupid government as the Euro standards are designed to achieve the objective and will do so in time as vehicles are replaced without any intervention from Livingstone. All this scheme does is to spend £78 million harassing a few vehicles I suspect. Any corporate board examining this proposal would laugh it out as there are no quantifiable benefits and the costs are obscure.

If you care about good government in London respond to the consultation questionnaire and reject the scheme. When Livingstone comes back and says “I will deliver this size of benefit for this price” then it will be time to think again.

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I think Red Ken is a brain dead dictator. The LEZ will put small transport and haulage companies out of buisness by the dozens. £4000 pound to bring a lorry into line might not be much if you only had one lorry but when your whole fleet needs to be brought into line £30 to £40,000 could put the small business out of business, and people out of work.

When my boss goes bust is Ken going to pay my JSA.

Well done Ken.

I think that haulage companies should stop driving past the M25 for a couple of days he might just change his tiny little mind.

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