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Wasteful copper – vain too

NYP GazeeboDella Cannings is the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire. Clearly they have too much money to spend. She was the one who spent £28K on her private shower, see BBC story.

The latest is that her force have just spent £7,500 on an outdoor meeting area, a kite anchored over a bit of decking to you and me. See lovely picture left.

Apart from being wasteful this woman seems to be typical of modern public sector management types who want to get their picture all over the place. They are not very good looking on the whole which makes their vanity doubly tiresome. The worst thing is that these twerps even employ PR types to write stories about them into the bargain, see stupid press release.

Like a bunch of African chiefs the nomenklatura of British public life all want their own praise-giver paid for from the public purse.

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