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Newspaper job ads under threat

Online media news source BrandRepublic is today covering an idea from Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne:

Shadow chancellor George Osborne has vowed to move all public sector job ads from newspapers to a new official website if his party comes to power after the next general election.

This plan could result in newspapers, particularly The Guardian’s Wednesday Society section, losing around £790m spent by local and central government on job ads each year. The dedicated public sector website would only cost an estimated £5m.

This is a great idea as state bodies are typically not run by people who understand value for money. In the private sector you think very hard before spending out on job ads in the Sunday Times and the Guardian. You almost always go to the much cheaper and better targeted trade press first.

In local authorities, which are relatively small organisations with very standard needs, they place very expensive ads in the ST and Guardian without engaging brains.

It is the same for schools where the Times Educational Supplement is something like a £250 million business whose entire revenue is taken straight out of the education budget. The school at which I am a governor is just about to place its second ad in TES for a headteacher.

Not only would this measure stop the Guardian living off the state but Murdoch also. Double whammy!

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Outstanding! There are quite a few printed organs out there which survive on public advertising. In return they talk up the need for government spending on non jobs. No doubt we can expect a press backlash, claims the the disadvantaged can’t use the interweb thingie etc…

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