Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor apologises for “misunderstanding”

I received a letter today from the London Mayor apologising for a misunderstanding relating to his swanking around at a charity auction earlier in the year. When I first wrote to him to ask where the £10K was coming from he said it was coming from his charity account. Now we find out that only £5K is coming from there and £5K is coming out of the Londoners’ budget. Whilst I think the Londoner is a waste of our money I would prefer that the Mayor made up the shortfall from his own pocket.

Mayor 's letter

Is the Mayor a porky pie teller or is he just bad with money? The sequence of events is:

  • Mayor bids £10K of our money at a charity dinner on 12th September
  • Evening Standard reports it 22nd September
  • I write to Mayor 2nd October to challenge him to reveal where the money is coming from
  • Mayor cynically uses full 20 working days service standard to delay response for a month
  • I get a response on 2nd November (see previous posting) explaining that the £10K will come form the Mayor’s charity account
  • on 25th November it becomes apparent that the charity account did not have enough cash in it to cover the whole £10K and only £5K had been taken out of it (see previous posting). I write again
  • Mayor cynically uses full 20 working days service standard to delay response for the best part of a month
  • I get a response on 23rd December apologising for the misunderstanding.

Maybe the Mayor thought that he could fob me off with a glib answer when I first asked the question. Now he is apologising for the misunderstanding. Either way I wish he would spend our money on valuable stuff we want not on posing as a big philanthropist. He can do that with his own money.