Health, housing and adult social services

Labour councillor draws attention to NHS mismanagement

TownhallThe only excitement at last night’s full council meeting was Labour Councillor Greenhead quoting my blog.

She quoted from a paragraph that I had written in my report of the last Health, Housing and Adult Social Services Panel.

Greenhead complains about my robust turn of phrase but refuses to acknowledge that the Labour government has made massive cuts to preventative health services right here in Ealing in spite of the best efforts of our own PCT. This year Ealing PCT was planning to spend £5 million on new preventative health measures. Over the summer, as a result of the current financial crisis in the NHS, Ealing PCT’s entire budget was top sliced by 3% and instead of having £5 million to spend on new services they were looking at taking £6 million out of their current spending plans.

Now that Greenhead has highlighted my “insensitive and inappropriate comments” I would be interested to hear her views on local NHS cuts which are actually destroying services designed to help Ealing people make better choices and improve their own health.

The full paragraph was:

Ruth Barnes gave a presentation on health inequalities and pointed out that health inequalities are Ealing PCT’s number 1 priority. That is fine but it is a bit obvious that those that make all the right choices all their lives, whether it is in education or health, will have better outcomes than those that make crap choices all their lives. The presentation kept referring to the good outcomes in places like Hangar Hill where homes cost about £2 million. If you live in one of these you have probably been making cute decisions all your life and you will probably have a long life. If you follow the inequality logic to its natural conclusion you end up pushing all of your health resources at people who are basket cases. It does seem though that the PCT is responding to this priority in the right way with behaviour changing initiatives – unfortunately these are just the services that they are having to freeze or cut due to Labour’s mismanagement of the health service.

No amount of huffing and puffing from Labour councillors is going to hide Labour’s mismanagement of the health service.