Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Funny freeze

The Mayor today announced a 29p a week increase in council tax today. Being a serial dissembler (liar to you and me) he opens his press release with some irrelevant waffle about the Olympics tax not changing and then slips in that the precept will go up 5.2% next year. Most people express rises in percentages so that they are comprehensible. Not the London Liar who uses the “29p a week” construction to confuse you.

Just to recap in 1999/2000, the year before the Mayor came into being, I was charged £129.07 for the Met and £45.95 for the London Fire Brigade. Next year the bill will be £506.03. So the Mayor’s charge has gone up 2.89 times in eight years. Does this mean 2.89 times more police? No.

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