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Envirocrime walkabout

On Monday I spent an hour with Ricky Wright, our ward’s envirocrime prevention officer. We started off at Northfield tube and spent an hour in the southern part of the ward ending up at South Ealing tube station.

One issue that Ricky is trying to tackle is getting the shop keepers at the south end of South Ealing Road to make sure that they handle their waste properly. Some of then did not have commercial waste agreements until Ricky started chasing them. Some of those who have signed up with the council’s own trade waste service seem to be getting a poor service and if the council’s service is not really hot then it is too easy for traders to blame the council rather than make sure they look after their own waste properly.

The bottom line is that councils have not been responsible for trade waste for years. Businesses are responsible for storing their waste on their own premises and disposing of it properly. If you see a trader misbehaving then please challenge them or call the Ealing council customer services line – 020 8825 6000.

Outside South Ealing tube station a resident approached us to talk about the state of the little park just there. It appears it is being increasingly used by drinkers and drug takers – one bench was surrounded by cans and we even saw a syringe in a flower bed. Yuck! Ricky passed the info on to the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

On my way back to my car I spotted a fly tip of roofing material on Weymouth Avenue and called it in myself. Checking this morning it was still there so customer services got the Mr Angry treatment from me I am afraid. They are usually pretty good at moving these quickly so I was disappointed that this one was still there 2 days after I called it in. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. I’ll check.

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Sounds like you had a productive session.

I have been in Blondin Park a couple times this week and reported the graffiti there. Sgt Cliff Elam is on the case as rather bizarrely he reckons they only leave their marks on Mondays and Thursdays!


The customer services helpdesk at Ealing is not too bad really. Just call 020 8825 6000 and they will take the details. It can be a bit long-winded sometimes and you have to spell out the road names for them but it does get things done.


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