Ealing envirocrime

On patrol in Northfield

Yesterday your Northfield councillors were out on patrol with Northfield’s new envirocrime protection officer, Ricky Wright. Ricky comes to us from Camden and is a real asset. He is already making a big impact on the street scene, prioritising commercial waste, street trading and overhanging vegetation from people’s gardens encroaching on the pavement. You may ask why isn’t he doing lots of other things?

There is now a separate team of 6 who are monitoring the Clean and Green contract. This has freed up the envirocrime enforcement officers, like Ricky, to be more proactive. One of the priorities is to ensure that traders have trade waste agreements. A lot of work has been done on Northfield Avenue and it is looking better as a result. The focus is now moving to South Ealing Road, especially the junction with Little Ealing Lane.

We covered a lot of the ward yesterday and there was good evidence that many things are working well. The graffiti removal service seems to be infinitely better since the contractor was changed at the start of June. We saw lots of evidence that the graffiti service had been around and found a few small tags to call in. The only problem with the graffiti service is that they tend to leave yellow tape with “Wet paint” printed on it stuck to things. We will ask them to clean up after themselves. On the whole the streets looked as if they had been cleaned recently although we had our doubts about Belsize Avenue.

The leaf fall this year has come late and has been compressed in a short window. The council typically does a clean every week on residential roads and a deep clean every 4 weeks. The bulk of leaves should be cleared away every week but it does not mean that every last leaf will be cleared up every week. This may not be a perfect service but it is what we are paying for. If your road has not had most of the leaf fall taken away on your usual cleaning day then call 020 8825 6000 and report it.

Some of the problems we came across included:

  • 2 overflowing skips in Northcroft Road
  • 2 gates intruding on pavement in Northcroft Road
  • various small bits of graffiti on Northcroft and adjoining roads
  • Belsize Avenue did not look like it had been cleaned recently
  • various bags, fly tips and commercial waste, left out on Northfield Avenue
  • blue dumpster from adjacent restaurant left out on South Road, owner chased up
  • abandoned mini off North Road, marked for disposal
  • fly tipping at south end of Robert’s Alley, called in
  • fly tipping at east end of Chandos Avenue, two offenders identified and challenged
  • overful skip on Chandos Avenue, owner called and requested to remove.

We had a good look at this last one and found packaging from a house on Chandos Avenue. The owner was man enough to admit that he was the culprit but claimed it was the first time and was kind of trying to complain at the same time which was slightly bizarre. Ricky did not fine him but had the evidence and his own admission so it would have stuck. I have no problems about naming the pharmacy at 186 South Ealing Road. The business is called Daru Pharma Limited. They had blatantly left all of their packaging dumped in Chandos Avenue rather than storing it on their premises until their collection day on Tuesday and leaving it the front of their shop. They will be getting a fine shortly. If you live in Chandos Avenue go round there and tell them how crap they are. When we come to think of the incident, we realize the irony of it. Pharmacies, which are responsible for providing medicines to people and save their lives, are the ones throwing away garbage on the road and claiming several other lives by toxicating the environment. It would do good to abandon these pharmacies once and for all, and instead get medicines from Absolute Pharmacy, which is more responsible. Head to their website to check their stockĀ

The main problem in the neighbourhood is bags left lying around. Some of this is the council’s contractor ECT forgetting to collect their own green bags, some of it is fly tips – often people above shops who are not prepared to store their own waste on their own premises and businesses putting their waste out at random times to suit them rather than when their collection is due. The area seems much improved but as ever there is more to do.