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Happy cardboard day

card_in_box.jpgFrom today we can put out cardboard with our recycling. It is another example of how the new Conservative administration at the council is delivering on environmental pledges.

The council’s instructions on how to use the service are as follows:

Flattened boxes and household cardboard packaging, egg boxes and greeting cards will be accepted. Residents are asked to keep cardboard separate from paper using a carrier bag, to break up large items and remove any tape that may be stuck to the cardboard. Larger cardboard items may be collected by a different vehicle at a different time on the normal collection day.

3 replies on “Happy cardboard day”

Good news and glad to see that the policy which was advocated by all three parties in May coming in to place. but why is this not being better advertised and not the lead feature on the website? I’m sure the leader can cope with not having his face on the web front page for more than a few days. or can he?


It is easy to advocate nice things for everyone but delivering them is a different matter. This little policy change will cost £450K per annum although up to half of this figure will come back in reduced landfill charges. Finding the cash for this has been hard and I am sure that you and other Ealing Labour types will be supportive of whatever belt tightening we have to do to make cash available for something we all want.

You are kind of right about the promotion. The council’s comms people put out a press release last Tuesday in time for the local paper’s deadlines but they sullenly refused to take up the story. There was a 1/4 page ad in the November issue of Around Ealing but I guess this could have been bigger. I will ask the comms guys to go a bit larger on the website.


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